Team Blacktown re-alive – And goes Cs:Go

Team Blacktown is back.
Back, and refreshed from nearly 3 Years of inactivity, we now head into the Cs:Go Scene.
The decision of building a Team is Simple, at least for those who are a bit more into the Scene. As a Team – you can achieve something. You are able to communicate, to work out strategies, train together, to appear and win as a Team, and of course to have fun and build a friendchip. And everyone who once played in a full Team, and then with random players, who were not so pleasent, appreciates a Team.

We want to make a step, from good “hobby-Players” towards the half professional area. With our own Webpage, Teamspeak Server, and ingame Train-Server, I am sure we are good to go for the future. At this place, big thanks to “Rage” keeping the mentioned Servers running.
And also Thank you to every one of our new Team Members, who decided to be a part of our Team.

We are motivated to face opponents in Matchmaking, and soon in Faceit leauges.

Best regards,